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It's Official !

Mid-Coast has WON FOH Magazine's "Southeastern Sound Company of The Year".  - Thanks to EVERYONE who played a part in making this happen !

Mid-Coast Ads the Amazing Power and Beauty Of The Meyer Leopard!



Mid-Coast Sound is now the only sound company in the Southeast region to offer the amazing accuracy and devastating power of the compact Meyer Leopard system.  These systems break all previous barriers of SPL and quality to size ratios, with performance that would be impossible to believe ... it it were anybody ELSE but Meyer.


The first artist out with the new Leopard rig, Joan Jett.  Did she approve?  Hell yea.

Mid-Coast's commitment to Excellence in Bluegrass again evident at Romp Fest 2015.



Tens of thousands of bluegrass fans were once again thrilled to wittness live performances by the biggest and best bluegrass groups in the world.  Once again, both fans and artists alike were treated to the finest sound reproduction available to mankind, dished up by the folks at Mid-Co who truly understand the intracacies of delivering jaw-dropping sound in a bluegrass festival environment.

The MIDAS TOUCH continues at Mid-Coast



Mid-Coast Sound has long been known as a premium supplier in digital consoles, always well stocked with the most in-demand gear.  The tradition continues as Mid-Co receives its latest deliveries of MIDAS Pro6 consoles.


Shown completing a harness for the latest Pro6 are Mid Co affiliated engineers Erick Rodgers and Duane Tabinski.




A world leader in digital console technology for broadcast use, LAWO set up shop at Mid-Co to run a 32x32 Mc2-36 through it's paces for Mid-Co affiliated engineers. 


LAWO is world renown for its broadcast specific consoles, and is expanding into the greater "live" market.  Mid-Coast affiliated engineers had a unique and rewarding opportunity to be a part of the final staged R&D on the new bread of LAWO live consoles.


All indications that this major player in the Broadcast market will soon be a major player on the digital consoles for Live events market.




Mid-Coast has a decade’s long history of partnering with emerging artists, venues, and promoters … even under the tightest budgets.  In short, we are often willing to INVEST in emerging artists at a time when many other companies are not yet interested.  You see, we remember when we were a small sound company just starting out.  We are continually filled with gratitude for those who invested in the fledgling company that would grow to become Mid-Coast sound.


Cliché as it may sound; yes … we want to give back.


And so, please do not assume … that because your star is still in the beginning phase of rising … that we are not interested in working with you.  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to work within every single budget, but we most certainly CAN guarantee that we will give it our maximum  attempt, even when it seems impossible.

DiGiCo at Mid-Coast Sound:



Mid-Coast  confirmes it's status as a pack-leader in digital console technology training and implementation.


DiGiCo, a world leader in developing digital console technology, conducted console demonstrations and Q & A sessions at Mid-Coast Sound, a leader in digital console implementation.

Mid-Coast Sound & Darius Rucker Rock Bowling Green's Sky-PAC


8-1-2013, Bowling Green, KY


With a Meyer FOH rig consisting of Milo top boxes and 1100 LFC subs through galillo processing, every seat in the house was a very good seat  as Darius Rucker rocked the sold-out Sky-PAC!


FOH consoles consisted of Midas Pro2 & Pro6 medium format , full featured digital consoles.


Mid-Coast also provided a DigiDesign Profile SC48 Monitor console and Meyer MJF 2x12 stage monitors.


Oversight on the show was handled by production manager Duane Tabinski.

Mid Coast brings out the Big Guns!


Mid Coast Sound is committed to being a premier provider of professional Meyer Sound rigs.  Now, Mid-Coast has become one of a select few elite companies nationwide to offer Meyer's truly earth-shaking 1100-LFC sub cabinets.  The 1100-LFC's 28 Hz to 100 Hz operating frequency range complements other Meyer Sound loudspeakers, allowing it to integrate smartly with Mid Coast’s Meyer line arrays and curvilinear arrays.

The 1100-LFC low-frequency control element is a self-powered loudspeaker defined by its sonic linearity in reproducing low-frequency transients at high, continuous levels with very low distortion. This ultralow distortion, coupled with exceptional headroom and optimized rigging options, makes the 1100-LFC a flexible tool for low-end directional applications for large-scale tours and installations.

An optimally tuned, vented cabinet houses the 1100-LFC's two linear, high-excursion 18-inch cone drivers. A two-channel Class AB/H bridged amplifier with complementary MOSFET output stages supplies ample continuous and peak power to the drivers. The amplifier, control electronics, and power supply are integrated into a single, rear-mounted module that is field replaceable.

With Mid Coast on your team, you will always have the most up to date, cutting edge sound tools at your disposal, guaranteed.

Duane Tabinski with four of Mid-Coast's Meyer 1100-LFC's

Midas expert Frank Dodd answers questions

Midas at MidCoast

Vaughn Skow February 2013


It’s no surprise that live console giant, Midas, chose MidCoast Sound as a location to unveil their Pro1 and Pro2 series consoles to the Nashville live sound community.   For decades, both Midas and MidCoast have staked their reputations on the absolute finest quality sound.


Top live sound engineers from middle Tennessee and surrounding areas were on hand to literally put their hands on the Midas small-footprint digital console offerings.  Engineers were instantly drawn to the familiar “Midas” feel of the consoles, coupled with the power and features one would expect in a professional digital console.


The small footprint digital console market is rapidly populating with “me-too” consoles from a vast array of manufactures as well as the emerging crop of re-branders.  The Pro1 and Pro2 are NOT just another entry into this crowded field; remember ... this is Midas.  Yes, the flexibility, portability, ergonomics, and DSP horsepower are all present in spades, but what sets the Midas consoles firmly ahead of the pack is the quality of sound.  From the beginning of the sound chain to the end, absolutely breathtaking pristine audio quality is produced and preserved.  Long time MidCoast house engineer Roger Redmon was asked how the console sounds “for a digital console”, his answer was “This thing sounds great, not for a digital console, for ANY console”.  With an in-house arsenal of in demand digital consoles from multiple manufacturers, Mr. Redmon and MidCoast can speak with an unprecedented authority in this arena.

Midas and MidCoast, a natural fit.

The Mid-Coast Commitment to the International Bluegrass Music Awards
Vaughn Skow November 2012

Mid Coast Sound is extremely proud to serve as the chosen audio provider to the International Bluegrass Music Awards show and convention (IBMA).  From an audio perspective, the bluegrass genre easily distinguishes itself from other music forms.  Quite simply, Bluegrass demands a much higher quality of sound reproduction than nearly any other music genre.

While some tours hang their reputations on raw SPL, bluegrass by comparison requires  less in the way of sheer volume, and ever so much more in the areas of sonic detail.  Any sound company can assault an audience with sheer SPL, but only one company fully understands the complexities of providing the breathtakingly real and uncolored listening experience that is required by the worlds premiere Bluegrass event.  That singular company is Mid-Coast Sound.

With six Grammy nominations and three wins, Steve Chandler, the IBMA’s chief audio engineer, is an individual who intimately KNOWS the difference between sound that is simply “acceptable” and sound that is truly exceptional.   Steve credits the Mid Coast IBMA install as being an exceptional sounding system.  This world-class rig consisted of 20 Meyer Milo line arrays along with 8 Meyer 700 HP subs.  Stage monitors consisted of Meyer MJF212A powered monitors.  Front of house mixing desk was a Midas Pro 2 digital, and the Monitor desk a Digidesign SC 48 digital. 

Steve credits the Mid Coast rig for turning a “non audio friendly convention hall into a world-class concert venue”.  That is the Mid-Coast commitment: to always provide the absolute finest audio, regardless of the conditions.