Vaughn Skow November 2012

Mid Coast Sound is extremely proud to serve as the chosen audio provider to the International Bluegrass Music Awards show and convention (IBMA).  From an audio perspective, the bluegrass genre easily distinguishes itself from other music forms.  Quite simply, Bluegrass demands a much higher quality of sound reproduction than nearly any other music genre.

While some tours hang their reputations on raw SPL, bluegrass by comparison requires  less in the way of sheer volume, and ever so much more in the areas of sonic detail.  Any sound company can assault an audience with sheer SPL, but only one company fully understands the complexities of providing the breathtakingly real and uncolored listening experience that is required by the worlds premiere Bluegrass event.  That singular company is Mid-Coast Sound.

With six Grammy nominations and three wins, Steve Chandler, the IBMA’s chief audio engineer, is an individual who intimately KNOWS the difference between sound that is simply “acceptable” and sound that is truly exceptional.   Steve credits the Mid Coast IBMA install as being an exceptional sounding system.  This world-class rig consisted of 20 Meyer Milo line arrays along with 8 Meyer 700 HP subs.  Stage monitors consisted of Meyer MJF212A powered monitors.  Front of house mixing desk was a Midas Pro 2 digital, and the Monitor desk a Digidesign SC 48 digital. 

Steve credits the Mid Coast rig for turning a “non audio friendly convention hall into a world-class concert venue”.  That is the Mid-Coast commitment: to always provide the absolute finest audio, regardless of the conditions.

  • Duane Tabinski
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