8-1-2013, Bowling Green, KY

With a Meyer FOH rig consisting of Milo top boxes and 1100 LFC subs through galillo processing, every seat in the house was a very good seat  as Darius Rucker rocked the sold-out Sky-PAC!

FOH consoles consisted of Midas Pro2 & Pro6 medium format , full featured digital consoles.

Mid-Coast also provided a DigiDesign Profile SC48 Monitor console and Meyer MJF 2x12 stage monitors.

Oversight on the show was handled by production manager Duane Tabinski.

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  • Duane Tabinski


Mid Coast Sound is committed to being a premier provider of professional Meyer Sound rigs.  Now, Mid-Coast has become one of a select few elite companies nationwide to offer Meyers truly earth-shaking 1100-LFC sub cabinets.  The 1100-LFC's 28 Hz to 100 Hz operating frequency range complements other Meyer Sound loudspeakers, allowing it to integrate smartly with Mid Coast’s Myer line arrays and curvilinear arrays.

The 1100-LFC low-frequency control element is a self-powered loudspeaker defined by its sonic linearity in reproducing low-frequency transients at high, continuous levels with very low distortion. This ultralow distortion, coupled with exceptional headroom and optimized rigging options, makes the 1100-LFC a flexible tool for low-end directional applications for large-scale tours and installations.

An optimally tuned, vented cabinet houses the 1100-LFC's two linear, high-excursion 18-inch cone drivers. A two-channel Class AB/H bridged amplifier with complementary MOSFET output stages supplies ample continuous and peak power to the drivers. The amplifier, control electronics, and power supply are integrated into a single, rear-mounted module that is field replaceable.

With Mid Coast on your team, you will always have the most up to date, cutting edge sound tools at your disposal, guaranteed.

Duane Tabinski with four of Mid-Coast's Meyer 1100-LFC's

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  • Duane Tabinski

Vaughn Skow February 2013

It’s no surprise that live console giant, Midas, chose MidCoast Sound as a location to unveil their Pro1 and Pro2 series consoles to the Nashville live sound community.   For decades, both Midas and MidCoast have staked their reputations on the absolute finest quality sound.

Top live sound engineers from middle Tennessee and surrounding areas were on hand to literally put their hands on the Midas small-footprint digital console offerings.  Engineers were instantly drawn to the familiar “Midas” feel of the consoles, coupled with the power and features one would expect in a professional digital console.

The small footprint digital console market is rapidly populating with “me-too” consoles from a vast array of manufactures as well as the emerging crop of re-branders.  The Pro1 and Pro2 are NOT just another entry into this crowded field; remember ... this is Midas.  Yes, the flexibility, portability, ergonomics, and DSP horsepower are all present in spades, but what sets the Midas consoles firmly ahead of the pack is the quality of sound.  From the beginning of the sound chain to the end, absolutely breathtaking pristine audio quality is produced and preserved.  Long time MidCoast house engineer Roger Redmon was asked how the console sounds “for a digital console”, his answer was “This thing sounds great, not for a digital console, for ANY console”.  With an in-house arsenal of in demand digital consoles from multiple manufacturers, Mr. Redmon and MidCoast can speak with an unprecedented authority in this arena.

Midas and MidCoast, a natural fit.

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