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Even in the middle of a devastating year for the live event industry, the 3-day Lynchburg Music Fest in Lynchburg Tn was held on schedule, and fully attended. Folks, if you think Socially distanced concerts can not be properly pulled-off, this major festival is proof that it can! Here's to 2021 being a year of continually proving that it CAN be a great year for live music. Goodbye 2020, 2021 is gonna be awesome.

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2020 was a year of great disappointments for live music lovers, entertainers, venues, and concert promoters alike. But just when it looked like the entire industry was grinding to a halt, Mid-Coast came to the rescue with innovative private "boxes" provided as a seating alternative for outdoor festivals and concert events.

These "boxes" not only allow the suggested distancing between non-household members, but also provide a uniquely profitable seating opportunity to promoters and venues.

Want to get back in business? Interested in hosting your own properly "social-distanced" concert? Contact Mid-Co and make it happen!

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LAS VEGAS – There’s still time for FRONT of HOUSE readers to vote for the six top regional sound companies in North America – one for each of five U.S. regions, and a sixth for all of Canada. These votes will narrow the field from 36 nominees to just six regional winners, who will then appear on the Parnelli Awards ballot for a second round of voting. The winner will receive the Parnelli Award for Hometown Hero Sound Company of the Year at the awards ceremony in Anaheim, CA on Jan. 17, 2020.

Every vote counts — cast yours today! Go to http://fohonline.com/hometown-heroes-vote.

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