Can We afford Mid-Coast?


Now that's a great question.  Mid-Coast has outfitted many of the world's largest stages and routinely works with the industry's top names; and so you find yourself wishing YOU could afford the best ... and possibly assuming you cannot.  Let's discuss that.


First, it IS true that Mid-Coast routinely works on big-budget shows, which you could say is our “bread and butter”.  However, Mid-Coast has a decade’s long history of partnering with emerging artists, venues, and promoters … even under the tightest budgets.  In short, we are often willing to INVEST in emerging artists at a time when many other companies are not yet interested.  You see, we remember when we were a small sound company just starting out.  We are continually filled with gratitude for those who invested in the fledgling company that would grow to become Mid-Coast sound.


Cliché as it may sound; yes … we want to give back.


And so, please do not assume … that because your star is still in the beginning phase of rising … that we are not interested in working with you.  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to work within every single budget, but we most certainly CAN guarantee that we will give it our maximum  attempt, even when it seems impossible.